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Please Help Abandoned baby 29th April 1941

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Abandoned Baby 29th April 1941
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Me at around 12months old

Please help me find my family

I was born sometime in December 1940, my adoptive family chose 25th and this is my official birthday.
I was left 29th April 1941 in a basket on a vacant block of land in Carlton( I think) Friday 29th April 1941. Two boys coming home from the cinema and taking a short cut through the block came upon me.
This info came from adoption personel after the laws changes in NSW and I tried to find my birth family.
I was taken to Scarbough foundling home (Scarba House) Bondi when found and my adoptive parents adopted me from there in September 1941. The adoption became official December 1941.
Sadly for me my adoptive mother destroyed all that had come with me from my birth mother.
The matron of the foundling home took a liking to me and wanted to keep me as her own, this was not allowed, she named me June (after her) King after the street name where I was found.
The parents who adopted me were Christopher and Clarice "S" of Collaroy. NSW, northern beaches.
I was never told of my adoption although I was always treated differently by most of the family. When I was 23, and married with 2 children, the man next door told I was adopted.
I approached my mother who promptly fell on the floor on a faint. I asked her sister who would not stop crying and as a result I never mentioned it again, I just got on with my life and joined adoption triangle.
I never did cope and over the years I have at times tried to find my birth family, and have given up when the doors were closed.
I realize that I am probably too old now to find anyone alive, however if anyone has any idea or knows of anyone who could give me some information I would be most grateful.
Please send me any information on my guestbook located below, thank you.


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