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Book Review - Rebecca's Law
by Rohan McEnor

Rebecca's Law: the essential adoption novel

Anyone who witnessed his address to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry will know that the author of Rebecca's Law - sojourn of a stolen father, is a man on a mission. And that mission is to have the suffering of first-mums and dads, recognised by the wider community.

Using the pseudonym Rohan McEnor "so that the media can't trace my daughter or her natural mother" he has put together a book which captures the reality of adoption with great force.

His experience as a first dad, a Parliamentary Researcher and internationally-awarded writer makes his novel a most powerful expose of the emotional, physical and spiritual abuse that was part and parcel of extracting adoption consents.

However, the book finishes with a message of hope for all whose children were stolen.

Di Wellfare is quoted on the back of the book: "At last a book that's honest about the hidden side of adoption. I read it in one sitting." This novel is thoroughly recommended reading.

Rebecca's Law - sojourn of a stolen father by Rohan McEnor is available for $Aud 20, includes postage within Australia) by e-mailing the publisher:


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